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An Overview Of The Photo Book Options

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Photo books are SUCH a beautiful way to treasure your memories, in a tangible, cuddle-able way. We absolutely love when clients order multiple copies for all of the grandparents, aunts and uncles!

We've recently changed up our photo book options based on client demand and on what's selling the best - have a read through all the below info!

Visit this recent video - for a great walk-through of the photo books we have on option.


This is the fun part!

Below you will see you have three basic choices to start with - sizing, content and number of pages:


We've streamlined things with three great size options, as below.

Here is the 20 x 20.

This is the A4 option.

And this is the A3 option.


So, let's chat about what exactly you'd like printed in your book. You can do the following:

1. A Year In Your Life

A project that we launched mid-2017, showcasing 20-30 curated images from each month of a year in your life. Such excellent memory keepers!

If you would like to order one of these books please read over this blog post - it is PACKED with all the tips, information and answers you need to place your order. (This includes photos from your phone!)

2. Photos from any official photo shoot with a professional photographer.

Pics from a photo shoot.

3. Your own pics

Your own pics from absolutely anything! THESE CAN BE PICS FROM YOUR PHONE.

We recently made this fun mini wedding book, for an elopement during lockdown:


Choose between:

  • 32 pages (good for about 100-200 images)

  • 60 pages (good for about 200-240 images)

  • 100 pages (good for about 300-360 images)



We have recently updated our design offerings with a new template! You can now choose between our "classic" layout or our new "trendsetter" layout.


- full image on cover

- an assortment of square and rectangular images throughout the book


- circular image on front

- circular cover pages throughout the book

- primarily square image spaces

These design template streamline our processes, and keeps our design fees as low as possible.

Extraneous changes or customisations (adding text, changing layouts etc) to the templates will be invoiced for.



Our books are printed on a gorgeous fine art gesso paper, which has a slight texture to it, and captures the colour of your photos gloriously.

Exterior and Interior

Our books are all hardcover, designed to be hard-wearing, to hand down for generations to come.

This is what the covers look like (classic and trendsetter).

And this is what the inside of the book looks like (classic and trendsetter).

Editing Your Photos

We highly recommend that you book our editing service as a fun added extra. As you look through the photos and videos in this post, you'll notice that what really makes the books pop is how COHESIVE they are - a touch that is created in the editing of the photos - examples below!

This example shows how an edit of phone pics made the colours POP - which adds such a gorgeous warmth to a photo book:

An edit on the below pics warmed up a grey day, and added a brightness to skin tones:

And we love the look of a few black and white pages (or even a full black and white photo book!). It totally gives the book a timeless, classic feel.

Let us know if you'd like to book our editing services when you contact us.



So, ready to order? We'll be able to send you a quotation as soon as you provide us with ALL the below info:


Number of copies:

20x20, A4 or A3:

32pg, 60pg or 100pg:

Type/use of book: (Year in Your Life, own photos etc):


Design template (classic OR trendsetter):

Would you like us to edit your pics (recommended - additional fee):

(Please note the Year In Your Life album is not available in a 32 page option, as we cannot fit a whole year into 32 pages)

We know you still have questions (how to submit the images, how big they should be, how does pricing work, how does payment work etc etc) - PLEASE follow this link to all the answers you could ever need. Thanks!


Don't forget to pop into our online shop - we're offering calendars, cards, prints; beautiful photo stands, frames and SO MUCH MORE.

More questions about photo book? We have all the answers in this post.

See you there!


We used to offer premium leather wedding and engagement albums, but now Cassandra over at Elysian Creative is handling all our premium orders. Please contact her to place an order of this kind!

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