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What I'm Doing With All My Newly Found Free Time (Without Social Media on my Phone!)

One of my good friends asked me the other day, "so what do you do with all your spare time now that you don't have social media on your phone?"

And my goodness it was fun to actually list all the things I'm doing these days!


2. Going through whats app and making sure I've been replying to all my recent messages. Also sending long messages to friends overseas and really catching up with them. (i.e building way better connections and relationships with friends, oh the irony!)

3. Coming up with new content for this blog - something that has been on my to do list for ages! I finally have started my interview series (read it here, here and here), my Joburg Happenings series (here is episode one, episode two and episode three), and I've been creating informative marketing/photography business posts over on my Robyn Davie Creative blog (like this post and this post).

And I have more posts in the pipeline!

4. Reading books! One of my absolute favourite past times, which I've all but abandoned over the past few years has finally seen a resurgence.

I'm currently reading this book, and have just finished this book and this book.

Anyone want to start a book club?

5. Simply put - staring out the window. Now when I wake up in the morning (on the days that I'm not rushing to shoot), I sometimes just stare at the window and let my brain do it's own thinking, without needing the input of a facebook feed. It's quite refreshing, hehe!

Recently on a meditation workshop, the instructor was explaining how each thought we have comes with an emotion, so a simple activity such as scrolling through a social media feed is like riding an emotional roller coaster as we read and react to each post - a rather hefty (and probably unnecessary) mental aerobics class.

So ~ feel like joining me and taking a social media break on your phone? See if it can make a real world difference to your life?

My most favourite part of it all has been watching my screen time diminish drastically - there were days where Moment (my phone's screen time tracking app), was recording me staring at my phone for a good 3 - 4 hours a day (a completely terrifying thought!). I'm very proud to report that that number is generally sitting around less than an hour a day now, yay!

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[I'm obvs still on social media, as it is quite possibly the biggest lead in advertising and marketing my business, but now the apps I use are on my iPad instead of my phone - so now when I sit down with my iPad I know I can set myself a 20 minute time limit to post my work-related updates, and then scroll through 10 or so posts before putting the tablet down and getting back to my day!]

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