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Why Should We Choose You?

So, you ask, WHY? Why out of all the thousands of photographers out there should we choose you?

Well, we have a LOT to offer.

This brand has come a long way since launching in early 2013. Since then we've grown from a one-woman show to an award-winning ten-member team, and have documented thousands of photo shoots.

This means, plain and simply, that we can offer a LOT MORE.

1️⃣ Your booking-in system will be run by our unbelievably efficient office manager, who can get you all set up, invoiced, briefed and scheduled within a few quick and easy emails.

2️⃣ Our years of experience and ten-thousand-plus hours of shooting means we provide an all-round amazing shoot experience, putting our clients at ease, smoothly directing your session with simple prompts and cues, while always working to make sure you look your absolute best.

3️⃣ Our post-production is run by an entire TEAM of editors and graphic designers, all working to ensure your images are handled with complete care, and any photo books or prints ordered are of the upmost quality.

So, can you find a photographer out there who will do this for cheaper? Why, of course you can. I'm sure you can even find a friend, or a cousin, or an auntie who can quickly snap a few pics on their phone, or even their fancy camera.

But if you're going to the effort of setting aside TIME to take these pics, getting your hair and make-up done, wondering about what is best to wear, and planning on hanging these pics up on your walls for years to come, or sharing these magical moments with your friends and family all over the world, then consider how much more EXPERIENCE matters.

Consider how much PASSION and COMMITMENT we bring to your photo session.

A "budget" or "free" photoshoot session sounds great, but don’t let those words drown out the word “EXPERIENCED”. ⁣

When it comes to this momentous event in your life (the first official photos of your newborn baby, or a once-in-five-years extended session with family members visiting from all over the world, or that once-a-year update session because just-look-how-fast-my-little-ones-are-growing), the value in hiring professionals is incomparable.

We also cover a heap of events - and know how much work, time and effort you put into making these momentous occasions look and feel beautiful! These are moments worth capturing, professionally.

So, when you would like to know:

"But I just need 4 or 5 cute photos of my baby, it shouldn't take more than five mins?!"

Even getting those quick snaps takes time, for the little ones to warm up to the photographer, to find the spots with the best, most flattering light, to take a few silly warm-up shots while everyone gets comfy in front of the camera.

And then there is of course the time spent before and after the session, booking you in, invoicing, scheduling, and editing, prepping and uploading your images after a shoot.

Our rates include all of this TIME, that we spend handling your requests and your shoot with upmost care and attention.

"But my cousin got a fancy camera for Christmas and says we can do a shoot at any time of day?!"

We have spent YEARS fine-tuning our shooting procedures and protocols, maximising all of packages, our shoot times, our services and our communication policies in order to ensure the best possible outcome for you - our lovely client.

"But why don't you offer cake smashes or studio shoots?! I wanna book one of those with you."

Part of our process of streamlining and fine-tuning has been to really develop our photographic style, and to commit to the sessions that we absolutely LOVE.

For us, that means focusing on documenting real life - so that newborn baby should look like a baby, not a pumpkin, wrapped up in your arms and not in a scratchy tutu.

And our sessions to document the first birthday of your little one focus around just hanging out at home, snapping pics of life just as it is - beautiful and messy and fun and real.

Have a peek at the below video for more info.

The value in hiring professionals is incomparable, you want to know those moments are captured perfectly, with the most gorgeous lighting and perfect timing, without being stiff and posed. ⁣⁣

You want the guidance to get only the absolute best out of your session, so you can have moments to keep and frame, to treasure forever.

Head on over to our other website Robyn Davie Creative to see what else we get up to - from head shots to personal branding, from restaurants to hotels, from milestone birthdays to year end functions, and everything in between.

We can't wait to hear from you and book you in for a session!

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