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The must-wear items for your family session

Picking what to wear for the day of your shoot can almost be as BIG of a choice as the photographer you use! Luckily for you we've compiled a fantastic list jam packed full of ideas to make choosing your shoot day outfit an absolute breeze.

Keep it casual.

Our whole approach to family photography is for things to be easy-going and natural. We try to capture your family as they are right now! Perfectly imperfect. Casual is the best because it allows everyone to be more relaxed in mood! Think simple outfits you wear on the weekend, i.e: jeans and t-shirts, summery dresses etc.

Here are some great examples:

Out with the old.

Times have changed and long gone are the days of everyone wearing matching blue jeans and a white shirt! (Thank goodness for that.) Focus on rather being co-ordinated with a colour scheme and not matching. For example, everyone in similar hues (blues & tans; greens & browns; pinks & purples; neutrals etc).


Having one or two family members in a pattern can add a bit of spice to the image! The key is just to make sure it still stays in with the flow of the other outfits. You don't want someone's SUPER BOLD print to make the final image distracting.

Here are some amazing examples of how to incorporate patterns:


Even though your tiny human looks super adorable in his batman shirt, let's leave him and all his friends at home. Bold prints can distract from the whole cohesiveness of the image as a whole.


We know your family is bold and bright and wonderful! So why not take that in as inspo for your shoot outfit. We love colour! Just remember to still plan the colour scheme to be co-ordinate with everyone. We suggest you avoid too much red, (this can bring out unflattering tones in the skin). Try avoid black and white, all white has a tendency to overexpose the whole image, all black tends to look drab and gloomy.

We love neutral tones, but everyone in khaki can be quite dull, consider a neutral pallet with a pop of mustard or burgundy, or even a burnt orange. This is just a colour scheme example, there are heaps of ways you can go about this balanced mix.

Still have a few more questions? Feel free to send us an email. Please do let us know if you have any questions or concerns ahead of time - these things are always easier to handle in advance.

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A few more fab examples of what to wear to your family session:

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