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A Big Update

The last few months have been a whirlwind, to say the least.

I know, you know, we all know.

I could use the catchy phrases, "unprecedented times", or the "new normal", but I won't.

Instead, I thought I would just jump in with a big update on what was been going on in our world.

This change has meant that instead of having a MILLION balls in the air - running a family photography company, a corporate photography company (and all the necessary multiple social media pages, websites, blogs, content creation and and and!), and a big team, we've been able to put all those balls down.

Now, we're focusing on keeping things simplified and streamlined. And it's a RELIEF. When we're all living under intense stress and pressure, anything that makes our lives easier is a good thing right?

I have ABSOLUTELY loved running this photographic company for the past eight years.

I have GROWN.

I have LEARNT.

I have taken it to levels that I never quite thought possible.

I never expected, when I first picked up my camera eight years ago for my first ever paid shoot - head shots for a friend, while I was living in Los Angeles - that I would ever grow this company to stretch from Joburg to Cape Town, to include a business manager, marketing manager, an office manager and a FULL TEAM of associate photographers.

I never expected to be managing a fourteen-member all-female team. It has been an honour and a privilege and something that fills me with pride.

I need a quick, maybe quiet moment though. As throughout this whole process I have been overwhelmed by GRATITUDE. And I need to express some of that here. Because building something like this doesn't happen overnight, and it certainly doesn't happen alone.

It's happened because I've had INCREDIBLY supportive clients. It's happened because my friends and family have been there endlessly to bounce ideas off of, to help me out when I'm about to pull my hair out, and to see me through it all.

It's happened because of my amazing team - the scores of AMAZING photographers who've stood by me through this - who've pulled on t-shirts and jackets with my name on, because they've believed in what we've been working towards.

And my number one - my office manager Grace - who has stuck with this team for years now. You are MAGIC darling.

Guys, I'm nostalgic, but I'm not upset by this change. I am ENTHUSED.

I am excited.

It's been time for something new for a while now.

It feels like I've shed my old skin, stepped out of a cocoon, and allowed a new beautiful space to bloom.

So, what does the new Robyn Davie Creative Studio look like?

Well, you're in it! Welcome to our new look website! All our social media platforms have had a makeover - have a look at our new facebook and instagram pages.

We've kept our photo book services (because we LOVE making these books, and they still fit into a design world), along with our online store running.

And our biggest focus now - is on creating beautiful graphics and websites for brands all over the world.

Our team is still comprised of the lovely, hyper-efficient Grace, and our marketing manager/lead graphic designer Shan, and myself. And we are already looking at the potential of expanding the design team as necessary!

So, dear client, what does this mean for you?

If you've been part of our treasured family of clients for the past eight years, we have an amazing list of referral photographers (and discount codes!) - just pop Grace an email.

Our regular clients will still be receiving their loyalty discounts on any photo book or print orders; and these loyalty discounts will be applicable to graphic design bookings as well.

Most importantly, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart. Truly.

Would love to hear from you! Pop into our DMs on instagram, or send us an email! What do you think of our new look??



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