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All About Our Graphic Design

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

There’s one HUGE differentiating factor between a brand or business that makes you think “hmm, that seems alright” and one that makes you go “WOAH THAT’S COOL” (mental caps lock included) - and that, our dear friends, is good design.

Good design is all about catching the eye, hooking the customer, and creating a lasting impression.

You could have the best business model in the world, but that means very little if you’re not attracting people to your goods and services. The easiest way to fix that is with some snappy design aesthetics.

You may think your business is good now, but it could be the BEST with just a little bit of spice.

First up, our design ethos is about keeping it chic, clean and sophisticated.

Research shows that clients spend less than 13 seconds on your website - make those 13 seconds count!

We're all about eye-catching designs, created to tell your story in a

We bring passion, simplicity and care to each project we take on.

A smart and recognisable logo, appealing colour palette, and striking font choices are just the beginning steps to creating good design that will attract more customers to your business.

Secondly, we're with you each step of the way - from email comms run by our hyper-efficient office manager Grace, to Zoom sessions with our fab design team, to rolling out the design elements onto your beautiful new website!

Are you starting from scratch? Read over this post on tips for naming your business (and what will MAKE OR BREAK that name!)

Thirdly, what exactly can we make for you?
  1. BRAND OVERVIEW or CORPORATE IDENTITY So often we have clients say, "can you just make me a logo?" But, it simply doesn't work like that. In order to create a logo for you, our full design team will meet with you on Zoom. We will chat about colours, hues, textures. We will talk about how you want your clients to FEEL. We'll suggest ways in which we can make your brand STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD. Then our team puts all of those keywords and thoughts and ideas together - we create colour palettes that convey warmth, copy that draws the viewer in, and logos, websites & packaging that tells a story. So it's SO MUCH MORE than just throwing together a logo. That log is designed to represent YOU, your brand, to tell a story, to appeal to your ideal client, and it certainly isn't something that can be simply thrown together :)

  2. BUSINESS CARDS & EMAIL SIGNATURES We can roll out that gorgeous logo onto all of the elements that tell your brand's story - so that when you pop up in client's email boxes they'll be sure to take notice.

  3. WEBSITE DESIGN Websites are our absolute FAVE! We love creating digital spaces that are representative of you, your brand, or your business - places that you are PROUD to send to potential clients. Our graphic design team specialises in putting together gorgeous design proposals, bringing together your chosen colour palettes, typography and brand awareness into one amazing website layout. It's so easy to get it wrong when designing a website, and there might be some glaringly obvious glitches with your current website, that are DETRACTING clients - the complete opposite of what we want to do! Read over three website mistakes that business owners are making here.

  4. WEBSITE IMPLEMENTATION & BUILD The next step is to take that design proposal and BUILD you a website - and we have a tech team that can do just that! Yup, landing pages, online stores, URL and SEO activation, and so much more! We can't wait to create the website of your dreams. Explore a deep dive into building a website with us here, for a better overview of our processes.

  5. OTHER DESIGN ELEMENTS What something a little extra? We can design instagram story templates, facebook banners and infographics (read up a bit more here about why infographics are the new hot ticket item that you need!).

Still on the fence?

Our entire approach is about STREAMLINING what could be a complicated process into a simple and fun one, taking the fuss out of digital products, and offering excellent client service.

Pop us an email on - we can't wait to chat to you!




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